Mountain huts

Huts on Monte Rosa:
the adventure that changed our history

The story of the refuges on Mont Rosa is the story of the couragious adventure of CAI Varallo and the onset of alpinismthat flooded Alagna and upper Valsesia in the mid 19th century. Built during the age of the 'Alpine' Belle Epoque with elegant dames taking walks in town with their parasols and fearless alpinists climbing the glaciers, they provided the jumpstart to development in the valleys south of Monterosa, transforming the Alagna and Riva territory into the “Chamonix of Rosa”.

Capanna Margherita was built in 1893; Capanna Gnifetti in 1876 and the elegant hotel, refuge Vigevano at 3000m was inaugurated in 1924. This story continues throughout the 20th century with the attention and care taken by CAI in restructuring the buildings and the devotion of the people of Alagna, the guides and the porters in advertising the slow rhythm of the seasons that exist in these mountains. Today we, the staff at Refuge Monterosa srl, suggest giving the gift of true emotion. The same we experienced when we arrived on Gnifetti for the first time, looked further over the shadow of Lyskamm and listened to the music in the mists of Rosa without forgetting from whence we came.

We pursue empty spaces not suffocated by excess, where silence is a value; day to day gestures are privileges and respect a basic, unconditional necessity.





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