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Since spring 2009 Rifugi Monterosa MBG srl runs five CAI refuges dislocated on the southern face of Monte Rosa. A choice that it can be described as a real challenge if you consider that Rifugi Monterosa MBG is the tourist company offering the largest number of bed places in Valsesia for a total of 416. Half of those is over 3647 m and therefore not so easy to be managed. This is characteristic which make Rifugi Monterosa MBG a unique company, with a staff of about 40 people, and with a specific and special goal to be achieved: customer satisfaction. The commitment is huge and the company is focused on improving its services in order to ensure a warm welcoming and the proper respect for the environment.
For this reason we support a few ideas, which we list briefly below: small details but that can make a noteworthy difference.

However there are major projects to which we are working and hopefully they will be completed in the short term. Those projects are very important because it would mean to give a new look to the shelters which still to be rich in tradition but with an eye on the future made of wifi networks and updated webcams.


To improve our services, we ask you to send us your views and your opinions regarding your stay . Your contribution is essential to us because it will help us in improving our services in time for your next visit!

Waste management
Our refuges recycle all the waste that is produced there. € 3‚00 is included in the half-board fee for the transportation of liquid sewage and rubbish by helicoper; a contribution by each visitor/alpinist to safeguard the environment.

Water purification plant
Since 2010 it has installed a water purification plant for use in the kitchen to reduce the risks to 0.01%. The tap water is still not drinkable.
Our refuges are heated with gas, but 20% of the necessary energy is produced by solar panels.

Liquor and drinks
everything for sale at the refuges is transported by helicopter. For this reason there is a general increase in the cost. Our aim, however, is to guarantee that you have the possibility to pay for basic foodstuffs such as water, tea and first course meals, at a reasonable cost.

Half Board
Half board includes dinner, sweet & salty breakfast with tea thermos, and your overnight stay. Dinner includes both pasta that soup or cream, main course and dessert. We only use fresh, genuine products. We do not use pre-cooked and tinned products in our refuges. We offer the dinner service in ceramics: this choice will allow our customers to enjoy an even more delicious meal. Moreover with this new entry we are able to further reduce the environmental impact by reducing waste.

Our refuges often have double bunks with mattresses and pillows. Other alpinists will be using these facilities after you, so we urge you to take good care of them. The beds have duvets that are often washed, but not after each visit. For this reason, it is necessary for each person to use their own sleeping bag.
Drying Room
We are setting up a room where you can dry wet clothes and boots.

Thank you for choosing to stay with us. We value your opinion and advice. If you have any particular need, please let us know in advance, so we can be sure to be of assistance.

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