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Terms of Sales of the booking centre Rifugi Monterosa - MBG srl
(Capanna Gnifetti, Capanna Margherita, Rifugio Pastore, Rifugio Carestia, Rifugio Barba  Ferrero)

Please read carefully  these terms and conditions. They deal with your rights and obligations to us and ours to you. Our contract and conditions follow the international lows about tourism to guarantee you the most professional service.


When you book in our huts, a binding contract will only come into existence when we will send you  a written confirmation of your booking by e-mail.

The date of the contract is the date that appears on the written confirmation.

The contract consists in the conditions listed below and in  all the relevant information about the facilities available that can be found in our website www.rifugimonterosa.it and in all that is stated on the written confirmation that has been sent to you.

Please check your confirmation to make sure it correspond to your request.

Once the contract is made we are responsible to you to provide the places you have booked and you are responsible to pay us for it. We are both subject to these terms and conditions:

  • Our responsibility is to provide you with the places you have booked.
  • In case of revocation you will be charged a cancellation fee(described below).
  • The person in charged of the booking for parties of two or more people is   responsable to make all payments to us for all members of the party.
  • The booking confirmation will be sent to the person in charged of the reservation who is responsable to keep informed all the members of the party.

All prices are in EURO.

Prices in hut accommodation must be consider  per person in room with 4/6/10/12/15 beds.

Our prices are puplished on our website www.rifugimonterosa.it and they may change during the year. Once you have booked, the price is fully guaranteed and will not be subject to any surcharge.

What is included and what is not is reported on your booking confirmation and it is specified in the relevant page on the site www.rifugimonterosa.it on the page of the booked accommodation.

Payment of the bed places that you have booked is required as stated below:

  • When booking you will be require  to pay a deposit within 7 days by bank transfer or credit card. In case of LAST MINUTE RESERVATION you will only be able to pay the deposit by credit card.
  • PLEASE NOTE that your reservation will be automatically cancelled if you don’t pay the deposit within the terms.

  • You will pay the balance in the hut while checking in: you will be charged for all the nights and all the people you have actually booked for.

If you have any special request, please let us know, we will make our best to satisfy it.

It is possible to change the date of the booking, the number of people and nights up to the day before your arrival by e-mail or sms.

If you wish to cancel a confirmed booking, this must be done from the person who has made the reservation, who will have to write an e-mail or sms.

The cancellation will be effective from the date you will receive our written communication.

Cancellation charge applies as stated below:

  • Up to the day before of your arrival we give back the deposit keeping 20,00 € for booking expenses. We give the chance to change the date of your booking in any day within the current season in any of our huts or for the following season by sending an e-mail before the 31st of December of the current year.
  • In case of cancellation on the day of your arrival we do not refound the deposit.
  • Mountain Guides  Agencies and Mountaineering Schools see contractual agreements established with each individual institution.
  • In case of cancellation due to bad weather which enables you to reach the refuge, closing of the lift system or dangerous conditions, you will be offered to change the date of your reservation in any day within the current season, in any of our huts or for the following season by sending an e-mail before the 31st of December of the current year.  If it will not be possible you will be refunded the full deposit deducted of 20,00 € as booking expenses.


If you have any complaint please inform our local representatives which will immediately try to solve the problem on the spot.
In the unlikely event that any complaint cannot be settled amicably between us, disputes arising out of your contract with  may  referred to arbitration, please write to Rifugi Monterosa - MBG srl loc Garstelet Gressonely LT within 10 working days from the check out date.


When booking any of our huts you become responsible for the proper conduct of yourself and your party during your stay.

If your actions or those of any member of your party cause damage to the facility in which you are staying, you agree to fully indemnify us against any claim (including legal costs) made against us  by the owner of the huts (Cai Varallo).


Rifugi Monterosa MBG srl
Loc Garstelet 11020 Gressoney LT (AO)
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